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New Year (re)solutions

Posted on Dec 31, 2018 by in Uncategorized | 0 comments

happy new year

I’ve been thinking for a few days already about how I feel regarding all this New Year thing, because like it or not, having a New Year approaching is a certain pressure, no matter how deep the denial level is. And I started to think back at this 2018 that is just walking by, trying to catch its foot last minute. Shortly, it was probably a year like any other from the list. Ups and downs, a roller coaster of emotions and happenings. At the beginning of the year I landed a great job (ok the pay was far from wow but the job was awesome, it was finally something I didn’t hate doing), a few weeks later I got into a relationship with this amazing person, I was planning a trip to Barcelona, continuing my MA studies. It all seemed bright and shiny, a fresh start for good things. However, as it usually happens, it all started going the wrong direction pretty fast. Feelings turned to dust and anger, the job ended and I lost two of what I thought to be my best friends on the way.

So where do these last minutes of 2018 find me? Probably in a skeptical place, hoping for a better 2019 (or at least not a worse one), hoping to keep the very few people I have left close by and plan some getaway trips to faraway places. Wishing to have more optimistic thoughts before jumping into the unknown that 2019 offers? Surely, but maybe that’s also a place that can be tackled next year.

I wanted to share this with you guys because I don’t believe in all those constantly joyous and happy motivational speakers feeding their audiences with pink lies. Life is not a walk on a broad, ready paved road towards one’s dreams. We are all emotions in motion so let’s try to keep close the good and slowly deal with the toxic.

Happy New Year to all of you and see you at the border between the old and the new!

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