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About – Who are you talking to?

Posted on Dec 18, 2018 by in EN | 0 comments

welcome - intro

Hello guys,

First things first, before getting into any deep waters of writing and blogging and all that, let’s get to know each other. I know that one of the most annoying questions one can get during an interview (next in line after what is your salary expectation) is “Tell us something about yourself”. And I always find myself sitting there and thinking “ok, which one of my experiences are you interested in? Do you really want to hear about me or just want me to enumerate all my previous working positions?” Of course, the answer is the latest.

So let’s try to eliminate this whole mascaraed and façade and get to it. I’m Timi, currently 26 (getting to the danger zone of 27), passionate about reading, from a very early age, writing also. Huge nature and hiking lover. I appreciate a good movie, a good TV series and music that can move me in some way. So basically, I’m just like you, if you come to think of it.

So now you might wonder “why on Earth did you start this blog since everyone, literally almost everyone has a blog nowadays?” That might be true, and indeed it is a bit intimidating to see the number of people from the online who are able to write amazing stories. But you know what? We all have different experiences. And many times I found myself reading from one of the most popular blogs and although the story was very well put into words, it did not speak to me personally.

So it might be that my blog will not speak to thousands of people (yet, but I’m aiming high), but if it moves you, if it speaks to you, if my tiny blog inspires you to do this or that, my goal is achieved. It’s all about connecting, about being able to share unique experiences in a personal manner. So if you are into that, I think we can be blog buddies (is that even a thing?)

And btw, my intention is not to merely write about travel experiences (though I wish I were rich enough to go somewhere else each weekend), but about “whole experiences” (I talked about this in the Intro also). Meaning that during travelling you might read a book or discover a great band or an awkward foreign tradition and so on. So I don’t want the blog to be just about “So I got on this bus that got me from A-B and then I had a coffee here and then…” You know what I mean?

Travelling is a complex experience and must be shared as such!

I’m always eager to hear your feedback and looking forward to connecting with you guys! Happy reading!

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